Get the 1st ocean plastic lures for the price of shipping only!



We‘re giving away 150 packs of 6.5“ Kanoo - the 1st lure ever made from ocean plastic to anglers who want an unfair advantage over any competition.

Made to Clean Up

Using recycled material only, we cut the plastic pollution at the source. Other than that, we lessen the emissions from production by 85%!

Extremely Effective

Crazy effective lure attracts strikes from the biggest and toughest fish. Start with free killer lures and outfish any competition.

Extra Durable

Metal joints, sharp heavy-duty hooks and durable body withstand powerful jaws, sharp teeth and fights lasting for hours.

Why should you stick with traditional lures when there's a better way?


We create tackle aimed at protecting and conserving our fisheries for generations to come. Each piece of "Kanoo" bait is 100% recycled, lead-free and non-toxic. And it even comes in recycled packaging!

Why do we do this? Because only in waters full of life can fishing experiences be unforgettable.

You won't believe it isn't a real fish

Unique & enticing S-curve swimming action combined with built-in rattlers trick even the seasoned fish, making it a go-for lure of PRO anglers.

Sustainable & recycled

Get your hands on the first lures ever made from 100% recycled sustainably sourced ocean plastic that doesn't contain any lead or harmful chemicals.

Resists any punishment

Meet the lures that are made for the biggest and the toughest fish out there. Metal joints and a robust body with heavy-duty hooks will make you a winner in every fight!


  • Length: 6.5"
  • Weight: 2oz
  • No. of pcs: 3 pack
  • ​Action: Suspending
  • ​Colors: Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Atlantic Salmon
  • In stock: FL, USA


in the revolution of the fishing industry!

Combine your passion with also doing something good for what we all love. Cherish nature. This pike I caught today on a lure out of recycled fishing nets from the ocean. How cool is that?!

- Daan, @visverlagen, Netherlands

The Alternative has designed fishing lures made from ocean plastic. It became a “company with a cause” as the flood of plastic waste into our seas continues.

- Johnas,, United States

Those look like solid lures, and I love the conservation minded mission!

- Matt Vavroch Fishing, United States

To be honest it would be nice to see more lure companies use recycled materials for their products. I like those ones were using I'll have to give one a shot.

- Eric's fishing adventures, United States

Caught and Released another great Pike on the Roughy. It's very hard to catch them in this cold weather but not impossible when you're using Alternative lures. Crazy Pike on a crazy good bait.

- Alexander, @akd_fishing, Netherlands

I love how the lures move in water, even when you put some weight on them to make them go deeper. Stop reeling and they will go to the side, deadly in most waters!

- Simon, @sipofishing, Sweden

Thank you again! These lures look amazing. It’s even hard to believe that they are made from recycled ocean waste plastics! Even the paint job on them is top notch.

- Sebastian, @sebastian.dav, Romania

I’ve started this company with one simple goal – to clean up & reuse as much ocean plastic waste as we possibly can. Now, I’m thrilled to see it becoming a reality.

- Viktor, CEO of Alternative

We were featured in...

Unique & enticing S-curve swimming action

Made from 100% recycled ocean plastic

Realistic colors resembling real fish

2-piece durable body connected with metal joints

Hand-tuned & tank-tested

Lead-free and non-toxic

Ultra sharp, heavy-duty VMC hooks

Packed in recycled packaging


If you're ready to join our cause, go ahead and test your first 3 ocean plastic lures for the price of shipping only. It requires minimal investment whatsoever & you can test and try them any way you want! This is what you'll get for the fraction of the price:
  • Kanoo, The Ocean Plastic Lure - Color: Salmon (Valued at $16.49, Now FREE!)
  • Kanoo, The Ocean Plastic Lure - Color: Rainbow Trout (Valued at $16.49, Now FREE!)
  • Kanoo, The Ocean Plastic Lure - Color: Atlantic Salmon (Valued at $16.49, Now FREE!)
  • Shipping and Handling (Valued $4.89)
  • Pre-Paid Carbon Offset (Valued $1.06)

Total Value: $55.42

NOW: $5.95!

Get the lures for FREE & help us just with shipping & handling charge + CO2 offset.

I know you're asking this...


I heard some fishermen who think we're crazy (and that we're going to put ourselves out of business by giving away our lures for free).

Here's the truth...

There are actually 2 reasons why am I giving you this amazing opportunity:

1) If you try them, you'll come back for more.

I'm 100% positive that you'll love the products we create. If you get to try them, you'll soon realize that these are not just the ordinary lures you can get basically anywhere!

Once you receive them in your mail, I'm sure you're going to stick with them for a very long time. Even though it's not an obligation, you'll want more.

2) Only by your support we can recover and recycle more discarded plastic from our nature.

There's a huge power in numbers.

The more lures we are able to give away, the bigger is the reach we have accross our fellow fishermen.

But this also means that we'll have more funding to support our primary mission - to clean our nature and recycle the plastic from our oceans.

Those are the 2 reasons I put together this offer and jam-packed it with such HUGE value for you as a fisherman.

This is it... This is my "evil" ulterior motive.
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